Saul Bass + Jazz + Indie Game

We’ve always been fans of computers since the early days of hammering the joystick on our Atari 2600, complete with faux wood panelling by the way. Now old enough to know better we still have a real passion for gaming, thanks to incredible development of the sector in the last 10 years. That said it’s never really been something that has inspired us in our creative life until now.

Released on February 28, 2019. Ape Out is a refreshingly unique game. At its core its a top down beat em up where you play a pissed off ape trying escape captivity. While the game is a little gory and certainly violent it is masked by incredible visuals and reactive sound design. Visually there are some very strong cues taken from Saul Bass bold wonky type based style thanks to art from Bennet Foddy. The crayon rubbing-espue textural finish applied to the design flickers and warps almost as it were a live animation.

The cherry on the cake with this game is the sound and specifically the soundtrack. Each level has is accompanied by a jazz track running throughout which sets the pace and tone of the level. Every hit from the gorilla is accented with a symbol crash and enemy squeels made with a trumpet sound making the game feel more like free jazz jam session.

All in all Devolver digital has created an utterly inspiring game that we can finally say playing computer games is actually cooooooooool.

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