The Spa Of Unconscious Desires

This London Design Festival 2017 we were invited to play a part in an exciting collaboration between Mondrian London and experience design studio Bompas & Parr. The London based duo launched a one-off, late-night spa experience that will lead the guests on a journey that explored the ancient adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ using design to enhance the experience.

The Spa of Unconscious Desires had an array on intriguing treatments, including Shamanic egg healing in which the guests toxins are removed by gently moving an egg across their bodies.

We were inspired by the magma massage which utilised volcanic stones to create an individual seismic sound bath. We conceptualised a stone object designed to be placed over the ears during the massage: the grating of the material impacts on the senses and amplifies sound, creating an intense and claustrophobic world of sound.

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