We Invented The Long Read On Instagram ( we think )

Changing habits can be difficult but here at Lyon & Lyon we like to push people out of their comfort zone to create something awesome. Last month we launched our new up-cycled eco news channel called Nice and Positive where we feature positive eco news & good earth-friendly solutions. We wanted a way for you all to be able to read a little deeper into some of the articles we've posted but didn't want to add it all in comments.

So we invented the long read. Using the carousel image function on insta we could flip the body text 90 degrees which forces you to read in landscape. While this might sound like a pain in the arse it's actually a really refreshing way to use instagram. The new orientation tricks your mind and kind of locks you in for the long haul. Plus the pages seamlessly scrolls through letting read on and on without being distracted. Give it a try.

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