6 Months Remote Working, Here's What We've Learned

We recently made the decision to stay fully remote for the foreseeable future. So far we’ve had 6 months at it. While we’re not pros we thought we’d offer some tips to make this new reality easier.

Matty - Beware of burnout. On one side remote working offers the chance to get down to work sooner but without that commute sometimes it's hard to actually leave the house every day. It's important to keep the routine that has you leaving the house and get your limbs rocking 2-3 times a day. Burnout will only mean you’re less productive in the long run and can become a tricky loop, so get out there!

If you’re lucky enough to have ‘flexible-ish’ hours, try and work when you’re at your best rather than sticking to the 9-5. You might be great in the morning, dip in the afternoon (after a giant lunch) and then be on it again early evening, listen to your body and work when IT works. Add in some exercise or a change of scene in between. Easier said than done.

Steph - For me working in a quieter environment really helps me creatively. I find it a lot easier to focus but there are certainly times where a bit of conversation helps freshen things up. My top tip would be to stick on your favourite radio station. We’re all into NTS especially 9am - 12pm with charlie bones on. The combination of music and chatter from a top DJ helps me

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