A new home for Lyon & Lyon

Due to a series of lockdowns, it’s been well over a year since we last worked in the same place as a team. And whilst video calls and chats on Slack have served us really well, none of it quite compares to sitting in the same room as one another - we’ve really missed the creative discussions that crop up in that environment!

So after a little hunt around Sheffield for spaces available, we decided to go for an office in Wizu Workspace in the city centre. After a trip to IKEA (essential) and our friends at Plant for some greenery, we’re pretty much settled in. The office is beautifully air conditioned too so has been a godsend during the recent heatwave!

Huge thanks to the Wizu team (and especially Laura) for making us feel so at home. It’s by far the most sociable building we’ve worked in so it’s been brilliant to meet such a variety of local businesses and individuals under one roof.

Oh and check out Laura’s gorgeous dog Senso - we’re in love!

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