Fabricá - sometimes a concept’s just got to be shared

In the world of product branding and start ups, sometimes projects just don’t end up going into production. No matter how strong the concept and the brand are, sometimes it’s just out of our control - down to financing or change of circumstances in a lot of cases.

Usually we don’t get the opportunity to share these projects but we felt this one was just too good to not share! When this branding and packaging project paused, we decided to continue to develop the work internally, creating more brand visuals and realising the products in 3D.

We came up with the name Fabricá which is derived from the Latin for ‘texture’, and this theme embodies the brand and its identity. Unique thick and thin ridges on the packaging reflect the hair type that the product is best suited to and these lines are echoed as assets throughout the brand application.

We selected natural, earthy tones for the packaging - including an olive green for conditioner and a sand colour for shampoo. The bottles have a high quality matt finish as a contrast to the more glossy plastic bottles that are usually found on our shelves. Always with one eye on the planet, we carried out a huge amount of research into sustainable packaging and proposed that the bottles were made from Polylactic acid (PLA), a fully compostable and recyclable material, made from non-GMO plants. Each bottle is individually wrapped in a textured, recycled cardboard sleeve. Using a sleeve rather than a full box means it cuts down on material and lets the beautiful design of the bottle show through, whilst still protecting the bottles in transit and on the shelf.

The response to the project so far has blown us away! We’ve had dozens of enquiries off the back of it from all over the world… Toronto, Stockholm, Rotterdam, New York, Zimbabwe and Istanbul included!

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