Mat(ter) is a collection of totally unrelated images from the ether that caught my eye and sparked a lil brain pop. Some of the images have storeys attached and some just have a nice vibe, either way I hope you enjoy something in them too.

Co-creative Director: Mat Lyon

Creative Computer Graphics (1984)

I came across this image from a book I found as a result of a youtube wormhole that started with the track,The Art of Noise - Paranoimia featuring the pioneering cyber-character Max Headroom. This book, Creative Computer Graphics, was written by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton (and Robert Leach) a British husband and wife film directing power couple who created the aforementioned Max Headroom and the film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. It was published back in ‘84, when I was only just discovering the joy of nappies and it’s incredible to see what was possible then with such limited technology. In this image the wire frame style is able to communicate so much depth, such as the texture patterning in the chair and the flowing nature of the pot plant. I get a cool Tokyo night club office from the 80’s kind of vibe. These days it’s so easy to pick a free 3D software and get to something acceptable pretty quickly, much respect to these early pioneers for the vision, creativity and graft put in to get these beautiful images.

La Fábrica by Ricardo Bofill.
I came across this when searching for our project by the same name Fabrica. When I first saw this image I was convinced it was a 3D render of a utopian future where mother nature had taken back her planet from the scourge of man...but it’s 100% real

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