Oliver Maltby Talk

Just as Maltby said in his presentation this week, for many designers (us included), when you get given a new brief you tend to jump straight onto the web looking for inspiration and existing designs. But what happened to when the web didn't exist and great designs were created?

Nothing new comes from constant searching for what is already out there. You should be grabbing a pen, notebook and noting down your first thoughts of the brief. Whether this being feelings, connections and ideas that you associate with the brand / product.

It was interesting to hear names of artists that have inspired Maltby. Some which are a few of our own favourites: Jeff Koons, Kenya Hara and Antony Gormley.

Sometimes the greatest designs come from the most simpliest beautiful ideas. Turning a traditional christmas cracker into a string of sausages for a independent artisan sausage company who wanted to thank its valued customers for their on going support.

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