Our first music video!

Full video here

It’s funny how some projects come about… this one started through Facebook Marketplace, when our Benny met Benji through the sale of a set of shelves. One thing led to another and they got chatting about music - turns out that Benji is a Sheffield based DJ and producer Yarni.

We’re all music obsessed and have always loved the idea of working on a music video, but since motion designer extraordinaire Anton started working with us last year, this has become a possibility. Animating a music video has been top of Anton’s list of priorities to allow him to really flex his motion muscles!

So when Yarni produced a new track to be released through his label Klassified, we were delighted to be asked to work on the video.

The track, Golden Gai, was inspired by Yarni’s trip to Japan (... remember those days when holidays were allowed?!), and particularly the bustling district of Golden Gai in Tokyo, made up of narrow streets with a vibrant nightlife.

Yarni also wrote a haiku poem to accompany his new track:

Hopeful fisherman
Patiently euphoria
A cute stone unturned

The same themes kept cropping up in our conversations with Yarni - the feeling of passing time and going on a journey. So, inspired by these conversations and the haiku, we created a storyboard around the (slightly trippy) journey of a cherry blossom flower.

The track was released this week - you can see the full video here and make sure you give Yarni a follow on Spotify… there’ll be more great stuff to come from this gai!

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