The 4 Day Working Week

Last year, in the midst of lockdown, we made a big decision to adjust to a 4 day working week. We could see the toll that the pandemic was having on everyone around us and felt it was time to take a fresh look at our team’s work-life balance.

It’s something we’d always wanted to do but we’d never had the chance until we were thrown head first into the lockdown in March - it felt like the right time to experiment and understand if it’s something we could do ourselves. We were already big on self development - encouraging the team to take time out for themselves and also developing their creative skills in areas they’re most interested in. So this felt like a really natural extension, enabling our team to spend extra time on the things that are important to them.

Since we started taking Fridays off, we’ve only seen positive results. The welfare of the team is better with the work-life balance definitely tipped in favour of fully experiencing life. It's really interesting to observe how everyone uses their extra time - some of the team like to spend it with their children, others may paint or develop creative skills and some have even taken up woodwork. All of this helps us to have perspective on our creativity and the work we deliver so that we can come back refreshed on Monday mornings.

And one of the biggest surprises is that it hasn’t had an impact on turnover. In fact, it’s the opposite - in the last year we’ve increased our turnover, despite the madness of the pandemic. In those four working days, we’re much more focussed and no one’s burned out or fed up. Meaning we’re much more productive in that time, cranking out more projects than before, whilst also keeping the team at their most positive!

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