Today Sucks But The Future Won't?

Our main man Mat found this great new advert for Three which promotes an unusual vision of a future with 5G.

"This ad by Wieden + Kennedy is one of the best ads I've seen in a while. It draws on many current day references but blasts them into the 2040 creating a familiar but absurd vision of Britain in the future.

Thanks to its mix of digital and physical craft, the film is absolutely packed to the gills with details, and it’s only on repeated viewings that you’ll catch them all – such as the plane named Spacey McSpaceface, or the floating triple-decker bus. There’s definitely a few Black Mirror-esque elements as well, including the real-time face filters or the augmented alien chasing app. In true 2040 meta fashion, it’s rammed with other major product placements – Tinder has gone holographic and a vegan Greggs sausage roll is delivered down a remote-controlled chute! W+K have done really well to create a hilariously detailed and distinctly British vision of what could (and hopefully won't) become our present. I'm really liking where Three are going with their high octane punchy ads at the minute, long may it continue. Enjoy!

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