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We were invited to the Ecco Leather Hot Shop 10 in Holland, for a 3-day summit. We were joined by an exclusive group of international thinkers and makers, from some of the world’s best brands like; Nike, Puma, and Denham.

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Our team made, Skin, a shoe that plays on the idea of being "comfortable in your own skin". The shoe is made from a multi-perforated leather to give lightness and a breathability. The vast colour range celebrates the diversity of skin colour in the world. Whereas the interior of each shoe is lined with a contrasting red leather, symbolising blood to show that we are all the same on the inside.

We were so pleased with the concept that upon returning to the UK, we created a brand based on the concept shoe. A number of devices were used to showcase the new brand including a billboard campaign, Instagram animation and a shoebox. The shoebox design mirrors the shoes aesthetic with the skin coloured outer, a plush red interior. Ecco don’t know it yet but we have also made a physical prototype of the box which will be sent to their Dutch HQ.

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